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Happy New Year

Welcome to 2013

If you were listening to the radio yesterday you may have noticed there was a focus on two issues - sport (as ever) with a full programme of football and the sad passing of Christopher Martin-Jenkins and the other story about obesity.

What struck me was the contrast in style.  The sports coverage was largely upbeat and positive - even for those teams struggling at the wrong end of their tables.  The transfer window offers hope for a brighter future. The life of CMJ was beautifully remembered by Aggers and Pat Murphy. 

On the other hand, the stories about New Year Resolutions and obesity/ alcohol/ smoking were filled with doom and gloom.  'We are building a time bomb'.  'The costs will be too high'.  'We are all doomed'.  None of which made for good radio, or interesting insights or even a solution.

At the start of a New Year I prefer to focus on the promise ahead.

2013 will see our work in Explorator expand, we will have more fun and we will make a difference in the businesses we work with.  Thats what I'm looking forward to.  The bumps in the road will be there I'm sure but right now let's start off with a spring in our step and a hopeful smile!

Have a good one


“At the start of a New Year I prefer to focus on the promise ahead.”

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