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Andy Murdy

Rumours? I'd Rather Understand...

I was reading through various LinkedIn posts yesterday and an article pointing to this link about the HSE's Fee For Intervention (FFI) caught my eye:


Which in itself is an interesting article.  The comments the post received where, unsurprisingly, negative.  What else is expected?  Additional costs for sub-contractors to swallow for health and safety and with no opportunity to defend themselves.

Of course, the article covers a few things - there are three uses of the word 'could' in the article as an example.

The article also wonders why construction is most heavily inspected - easy or unclear regulation are postulated.  I'd suggest it's because of the performance record of construction over the years, or maybe it is proximity to members of the public.

Anyway, in the hope of clarifying matters here is the HSE's explanation of the changes under Fee for Intervention are here:


Always better to read what is changing rather than getting excited about an article that uses 'could'...

“There are three uses of the word 'could' in the article”

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